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Mansory Cement Holcim Easy Wall (Walcrete)

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Mansory Cement  Holcim Easy Wall (Walcrete)

Masonry Cement

Holcim Easy Wall (HEW) is a premium quality masonry cement with excellent water-retention, adhesion and workability properties. Its complies with Malaysia Standard MS EN 413 MC 12.5. HEW is a unique, all in one product which combines the strength and durability of premium quality masonry cement with the flexibility and workability properties. It is combined into a highly convenient package geared for today’s complex and busy construction sites. On top of that, HEW enhances quality and is a premium product that meets the very highest quality. When mixed with sand and water, HEW gives a mortar which offers many benefits on site.



HEW is a masonry cement which is best can be used in accordance with the manufacturer’s recommendations for a variety of following applications:
• Interior and exterior wall plastering (Including pebble-dash and rough cast) 
• Ceiling plastering
• Brick laying
• Finishing and filling



Holcim Easy Wall designed specially developed to have:
• Superior bonding
• high workability 
• Low susceptibility to efflorescence
• Strength
• More area coverage compare to alternative masonry cement



• Superior bond strength makes plastering application easier and faster
• Easy of plastering
• Extendable mixture ~1.6 (Cement : Sand) by volume
• Improves quality of surface finish compared to ordinary cement
• Increase water retention reduces risk of cracks
• Better Sulphate resistance properties for durability
• Durable storage packaging
• Cost saving by giving wider wall coverage