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Perspectve Coolroof System

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Perspectve Coolroof System


Length (L) 420mm
Horizontal Width (W) 330mm
Batten Spacing* Up to 295mm Up to 320mm Up to 330mm Up to 345mm
Minimum Headlap 125mm 100mm 90mm 75mm
Coverage 11.3pcs/m2 10.4pcs/m2 10.1pcs/m2 9.7pcs/m2
Weight (per piece) 4.8kg (approximately)
Weight (per m2) 54.2kg/m2 50.0kg/m2 48.5kg/m2 46.6kg/m2
Minimum Pitch 15°C 17.5°C 20°C 25°C

The maximum rafter length span up to 6 metres

*Batten Spacing has to be calculated based on actual rafter length